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Michael Krauss

This is George Mason Professor Michael Krauss writing -- from a conference (not a junket...) I am attending in California.

I have insufficient time to respond in detail to the posting above, but I will say that as a serious professor of Legal Ethics (please consult my syllabus, available at my web site (URL above) I found it troubling.

I am not involved in the management of the Law and Economics Center at our law school. I have been invited to teach at two LEC conferences, and to moderate a third. Every time I went there I observed hard-working judges, very heavy reading loads, and a scrupulous balance of perspectives both by speakers and by judges.

I do not know where funds come from -- nor do the judge-participants. Wherever they come from, I am thankful that they are donated anonymously and with no hope or expectation of any future consideration.

I write as a religious man who very deeply believes in social justice. I also very firmly believe in high quality education for our bench, federal and state. I can assure you that this is being provided by the LEC.

Let many flowers bloom -- do not take away the possibility of judges to be educated in various fora.

Very truly yours,
Michael Krauss

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