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Larry Fafarman

--"All things considered, Senator Barbara Boxer's bill declaring the waiver granted (which now has 21 co-sponsors, and growing each day) is a fairly modest piece of legislation"--

As for it being a "fairly modest" piece of legislation --

No other California waiver in history has had the general effect of producing such huge differences between federally-certified vehicles and California-certified vehicles (the Zero Emissions Vehicle program -- i.e., the electric car program -- required big differences but it was a small program). Previously, differences between federally-certified vehicles and California-certified vehicles were generally small or non-existent -- for example, the factory manuals for my 1978 AMC Gremlin and my 1990 Pontiac Grand Am showed that the emissions controls on the federal and California models were the same or virtually the same. Innovations that proved themselves on the California models were quickly adopted on the federal models. The big differences in the equipment required for the federal greenhouse-gas standards and the California greenhouse-gas standards would cause a big competitive disadvantage for new-vehicle dealers in the states under the California standards -- carbuyers would often cross state lines in order to buy the vehicle they want or to get a lower price.

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