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Brian Schmidt

Icing on the cake that Fletcher wrote the opinion. In the 90s the Republicans in the Senate did a deal with Fletcher and the Clinton Administration - Fletcher would resign and take senior status, a Clinton appointee would get on the appellate court and a Republican-favored nominee would get on also.

What the Rs didn't realize was that Fletcher will be as active as a senior judge as she was before. Until the court vacancies get all filled, the Rs got outmaneuvered. Thankfully.


Great Job California. They were tough and brass enough to go up against the auto industry who have kept the public unaware of better vehicle options for years. Other states have recently announced they are ready for more agressive environmental action. If the federal government doesn't 'get the memo' that citizens want change, than we are in for a mess of trouble in the near future. Please speak out to Congress now. Go to http://energybill2007.us and sign the petition for better CAFE and RES standards.

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