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Ron Franscell

I give Al Gore credit for bringing a looming environmental catastrophe to the public's attention. For a nation populated by lazy, fat, celebrity-obsessed wasters of time, energy and air, it took a familiar face to raise the issue to cocktail conversation. Despite his political petulance and past imprecisions ("I invented the Internet"), I applaud Gore's leadership on this globally crucial issue.

But the Nobel Peace Prize? Pffft.

While he deserves applause for bringing global warming somewhere nearer the forefront of our American conversation (global warming still doesn't get as much discussion as Britney Spears), Gore's a documented hypocrite. He talks the talk, but doesn't quite walk the walk. A carnivorous, global-jetting, mansion-heating guy isn't exactly practicing what he preaches.

I won't waste any more of your bandwidth. I blogged about Gore's Nobel more fully at Under The News

Brian Schmidt

Ron, Al Gore never claimed to invent the Internet. Even many of the fellow travelers of the right wing in the mainstream media have walked away from that canard.

You might want to do a little more research. Check into Al Gore buying carbon offsets, too.

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