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Jonathan H. Adler

I've already addressed these points in comments on the Volokh Conspiracy. Those interested should look at my comments at the links below.





Tim Dowling

Jonathan -- You discuss the waiver request at the other blog, but nowhere do you address the criticism of your assertion to the U.S. Senate that "climate change is not an environmental problem that presents a threat that is any more 'compelling and extraordinary' in California than anywhere else," unless by "address" you mean "change the subject."

If you have any evidence to support this remarkable assertion, or to show that California's voluminous evidence to the contrary is false, please enlighten us. If not, you might consider sending a clarification to the Senate Committee.

Brian Schmidt

I find Adler's convenient leaps from one disjointed argument to another, so long as they serve the purpose of stopping anyone, anyone, from actually doing something politically realistic about climate change, to be quite disturbing. His suggestion that states do something very difficult like institute a carbon tax seems more like a standard lawyer's ploy to distract people from action rather than something useful.

Still, to say he's "dissembling" is a little much, I think. He's not a Steve Milloy and appears to have some limits in what he'll say.

[Brian -- Point taken....post edited accordingly. Tim]

Eli Rabett

True to type, libertarians will cause unlimited harm to limit any regulation. One sees this everywhere. The recent nonsense campaign about DDT being absolutely the answer to malaria and Rachel Carson being a mass murderer is an excellent example. They do not care about the damage they do to organizations actually trying to fight malaria such as the WHO. Indeed their stated purpose is to destroy the WHO and malaria victims are merely their collateral damage.

Brian Schmidt

I've got a post about Adler, linking here and discussing a bad economic argument he used in the Senate testimony:


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