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Eric H. Zagrans

We at SixthCircuitBlog welcome you to the blogosphere. We anticipate that Warming Law Blog will make a powerful and insightful contribution to raising the temperature of public response and enhancing the legal discourse on this most important issue. Best wishes.

Tim Dowling

Thanks very much, Eric!

David F. Petrano Esq.

Global Warming: A Lender's Duty to Disclose?

(1) RAND Corporation has published numerous warnings regarding abrupt climate change since the 1980s. RAND publications are typically made available to large lending institutions, but not to the general public or typical real estate businesses.

Many people would not have entered into a sub-prime mortgage agreement for coastal real property if their lender had disclosed abrupt climate change:
(1) was a distinct possibility;
(2) would likely trigger a downward value in their coastal real property.

Mortgage lenders should be sued for "failure to disclose" by persons facing foreclosure by sub prime lenders who duped them into a mortgage by failing to disclose global warming was going to be a major factor in triggering a collapse in coastal real estate values.

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